Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poor 2nd child-6 months!

I was just looking back and posts I did of Emma each month and realized I need to do them of Oliver. They are so fun to read and I feel so bad that I haven't been doing them!! Im not so sure Oli is the go getter Em was. I think Oli is much more laid back. They are so different, but so much a like! I love that they each have there own cute little personality! Its funny how you can see them so young! .Oliver is the happiest baby around! He can be crying and you smile at him and talk to him and in between cries he'll smile at you! He has the cutest smile and laugh i've ever seen. Each time it totally just melts my heart! He loves peek a boo! .He likes rattles and toys but his favorite is the straps on the high chair! .He loves food! haha. he is such a great eater! I think sweet potatoes are his fav and he's not a fan of green beans! .He is totally a mamas boy. I won't complain about this. Emma wasn't this way. .He loves to roll! I'm getting a little worried he won't crawl cause he gets where he needs to go by rolling. although I'll put him on his hands and knees and he gets so excited! He gets this look of determination and then just smiles like he's so proud of himself for being on his hands and knees. cute little stinker .He loves his big sister! Its just an instant bond! .He loves being in the air, over head. But he hates to be thrown in the air, and has a look of terror the whole time. .He is a big boy! He weighed almost 20lbs 88%, and 28 inches 93%. He was born a little peanut but chunked up quick! We sure love him and have no idea what we did without him! Such a sweet perfect piece to our puzzle! We love you Oliver!

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