Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poor 2nd child-6 months!

I was just looking back and posts I did of Emma each month and realized I need to do them of Oliver. They are so fun to read and I feel so bad that I haven't been doing them!! Im not so sure Oli is the go getter Em was. I think Oli is much more laid back. They are so different, but so much a like! I love that they each have there own cute little personality! Its funny how you can see them so young! .Oliver is the happiest baby around! He can be crying and you smile at him and talk to him and in between cries he'll smile at you! He has the cutest smile and laugh i've ever seen. Each time it totally just melts my heart! He loves peek a boo! .He likes rattles and toys but his favorite is the straps on the high chair! .He loves food! haha. he is such a great eater! I think sweet potatoes are his fav and he's not a fan of green beans! .He is totally a mamas boy. I won't complain about this. Emma wasn't this way. .He loves to roll! I'm getting a little worried he won't crawl cause he gets where he needs to go by rolling. although I'll put him on his hands and knees and he gets so excited! He gets this look of determination and then just smiles like he's so proud of himself for being on his hands and knees. cute little stinker .He loves his big sister! Its just an instant bond! .He loves being in the air, over head. But he hates to be thrown in the air, and has a look of terror the whole time. .He is a big boy! He weighed almost 20lbs 88%, and 28 inches 93%. He was born a little peanut but chunked up quick! We sure love him and have no idea what we did without him! Such a sweet perfect piece to our puzzle! We love you Oliver!

Friday, March 6, 2015

O's newborn pictures

I just had to add these on here. I wanted to upload them all but it'd take too long, so I just picked a few! Sure love this little cutie. What a little miracle he is, he is such the perfect addition to our family. My heart is full.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oliver Vaughn Woods

Well we are a family of 4! Oliver was born February 18th! We had a scheduled c-section so we went in at 5:00 am and he was born at 7:13 am. He was 7lbs5oz and 20" with lots of dark hair! he came out crying and all was well we got up to the room and he started grunting a little bit. They finally decided they better check his sugar and it was low (37). So away to the NICU he went. From the minute my spinal was done, I was throwning up, me and medication don't do well together. It was miserable, I don't think I've ever been so sick. Randan picked his name. I wasn't sold on it and whenever I would come up with another name Randan would turn his nose up. He told me I could name him whatever I wanted but he was still going to call him Oliver :) So we came to the conclusion that we should just name him Oliver, haha. Randan named both our kids. Vaughn is my dads middle name and my grandpas first name. 2 amazing men that I am proud to name my son after! They put in an IV and was giving him stuff for his sugar as well as being on a little high flow. The high flow was weaned quickly and we were just waiting on his sugar. before every feeding they would check it and if it was above 50 they would turn the IV down a bit. Thursday night around 9:00 the IV was off and he needed 2 good sugars. We got the 2 good sugars at 3am and we were ready to get discharged. I called Randan and had him bring the car seat for the car seat test and at noon on Friday we were on our way home! Emma hated me and Oliver being at the hospital, she wanted to meet her baby brother so bad! And of course she got a cold on Thursday, so we haven't let her love on him too much since being home. It has been so good to be home and we love the little guy more than imaginable. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby, and there is no greater blessing than being a mom!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

catch up...

well its been forever since I have posted! Its been a crazy 8 months! Randan was gone all summer for his ROTC stuff which he did awesome at and blew everyone away. I did school through summer and stayed really busy between full time school, clinicals, and being mommy. Emma had a blast with family and cousins! We went camping a few times had a great Christmas and thats about it, school has kind of consumed us. We love spending time together as a family and try to enjoy the little things. We found out we were pregnant with a sweet little boy and couldn't be happier. Its something I've been looking forward to for quite a while. I finished school in December and after taking my board exams the next few weeks I will be a Registered Respiratory Therapist! Pretty exciting to have that done. I'm going to wait on employment and just enjoy the new baby and we will see where we are at after that. Pregnancy being type 1 diabetic is always a ride. It throws it for a loop and often times feels like a full time job. I'm so grateful for advancements in medicine that I am able to manage it and have such good control. Baby is healthy and doing great! We're getting down to the last few weeks and I am more than ready to meet this cute little guy! Randan is on his last semester and will graduate with his bachelors in business and a minor in military science. As well as becoming an officer in the Army. He has done awesome and is more than ready to be done with school! He has been shooting and reloading a lot and loves doing it! Miss Emma... man that girl is as awesome as they come! She is getting so big!! She loves going to school and dance which she does twice a week for a few hours. She loves learning new things and teaching/showing them to anyone who will watch and listen. She had her first couple dance performances, I was so nervous, not knowing how she would do. She blew me away! She was so dang cute up there on that stage and she loved doing it! From the makeup to the costume to performing in front of everyone on a big stage she took it all in and constantly asks when her next one is! She loves to sing dance color and do anything crafty. She loves making people laugh and really is pretty dang funny! What a blessing it is to be that girls mom, not sure how I got so lucky! She asks every day when her baby brother will be here and I know she will be a great big sister!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lagoon and stuff...

Randan and I finished up the semester, thank goodness!! Between the 2 of us we had 35 credits and we both got straight A's! My family invited us to go to Lagoon to watch Macee dance this past weekend. We went up Friday with Meag and Reece did a little shopping ate dinner and then went to the hotel and did a little swimming. The next morning, which was Ems 3rd birthday we headed for Lagoon. Me, Randan, Meag, and my mom went and road the big roller-coasters and let Reece and my dad take the kids. We had a blast and it was early enough there weren't lines. It was so fun, it had been so long since I'd road roller-coasters. Then we went and ate lunch. When we got back Randan and I took Em on some rides while everyone else went and relaxed and got Macee ready to dance. I wasn't sure how Em would do, and was a little nervous. She absolutely loved it. She wasn't scared at all. She giggled and waved the entire time. She was fearless and was begging to go on the big ones. We took her all the ones she was big enough to go on. Then we went and watched Mace dance. She did so awesome, I was so proud of her! It was so fun watching her! We went and ate dinner and then went back and took the kids on a more rides. We were there until close! We topped the night off with some McDonalds ice-cream. It was so fun and nice to get away and do something. When we got home we went and took some family pictures. Randan had convinced me that he was a photographer and that we could just set up the tripod and take them. My camera showed full battery but when we got out there after about 15 minutes it started flashing. About 15 minutes later it died. Emma was super tired and wasn't real excited about taking pictures either. So with what he had to work with, he didn't do half bad. :) Well anyways, I have one more week of freedom and then back to school for me. Summer is going to be rough but it sure will be nice when I'm done. Randan is working with his dad and will be gone a month for ROTC something or other in Kentucky. Miss Emma just turned 3 and is cuter than ever. I just love that little girl. I wish I could be more like her. :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


live is good. today I read a post and it reminded me to slow down life for just a minute and think about what you have. I am so blessed. a beautiful caring loving spunky funny sweet daughter who i just don't know what i'd do without, an amazing husband who puts up with me and loves me for me, an awesome program in school that i love (sometimes this one is hard to be grateful for :), an awesome mom to babysit emma so willingly so Randan and I can go to school, a roof over my head, and an amazing family. We are doing good. Randan and I are both just plugging away at school. I'm loving my program, I have now started clinicals and it is great to actually experience what I will be doing, emma loves playing with grandma 2 days a week and is getting so big. I know all moms think their little girls and the prettiest, smartest, funniest, sweetest things around but Emma really is. :) And I'm not sure if I have said it but she is potty trained!! yay!!.... well kind of. she was doing awesome and then this week has had a few accidents but thats normal right?? haha I always hear that there isn't a book on how to raise a kid, but seriously someone should write one ;) anyways, hope you all are doing good. and if you're reading this (maybe no one is, but if no one is then I have nothing to be embarrassed about right) go write a blogpost cause seriously you all stink at blogging. okay not all of you, but my sister/sister-in-laws you're no good ;)

Monday, November 25, 2013


Well its been a bit since I've posted. So I'm going to do a little update... Emma! what to say about that little stinker, I could go on and on. She goes to daycare for about 2-3 hours 3 days a week. I was so sad about it and didn't want to do it and she has absolutely loved it! She calls it school and like to be just like mommy and daddy! She loves to color and draw and play with her numbers and letters. She loves to be outside! She loves to ride her car/bike! She is still not potty trained and it is absolutely killing me! She wants nothing to do with it! She loves her family more than anything and has such a tender heart. Anytime someone is sad she gets sad and wants to make them feel better, (even mickey mouse). She is terrified of lawn mowers, like bad. She is freaking hilarious and has me laughing all day long. She is very shy until she warms up to you. She loves to dance and do tricks and anytime she hears music says "lets dance momma!" she has a temper, just like her momma. . . She knows all her numbers and letters and colors. I love that cutie more and more every day! Randan is enjoying school :) He is still going to the business rout. I love how chill he is about things. He rarely stresses. Seems like we stress over opposite stuff which makes us really good for each other. He is doing awesome in school and has so pretty cool plans. I.... also am enjoying school :) haha, I love my program and am so excited to be a Respiratory therapist but I hate school and wasting my day studying. I guess if I have to its at least with something I'm enjoying! I hate that I can't just play with Emma all day and have more babies. :)I'm almost a quarter done though and I really do love what I'm learning and can't wait to be able to work as a respiratory therapist. I don't do the thankful posts each day but was thinking about it the other day. . . I always get so emotional this time of year. we have our anniversary on the 8th, MC b-day on the 10th, Veterans day the 11th, the day Randan got shoot and was in Afghanistan on the 21st, and then thanksgiving/holidays. I know I probably always will be emotional this time of year. I am so grateful for those who fight for our country and who sacrifice so much. I am so grateful that I was so blessed that my husband was able to make it home, something that many can't say. I am so thankful for my family! I am so lucky to married to Randan, he is such a great man. I am so blessed to be a mother, the greatest job in the world. I love Emma so much and am so thankful for her sweet self. And I am so thankful for the gospel, my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving! And good luck on black friday! ;)